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Devon, AR

Working with Ann Langle and Liberty Acres has been a refreshing experience in the dog community. Her knowledge, honesty, and ability creates an incredible environment for her dogs, as well as the puppies she raises. 15/10 would get more dogs from Liberty Acres.

Gary, AR

I was looking for a GSD pup to possibly be my diabetic alert service dog and to be someone I could count on to be there for me if I needed help or alerted... I ended up with the most gorgeous puppy that I could ever imagine and once home, he was a quick learner and already displaying his puppyhood training. I named him Sarge and he is one of the best German Shepherd dogs I have ever seen or owned.

The Williams Family, MO

When my family started looking for a new GSD we wanted a German Shepherd that would be great with kids(we have 4) and have a healthy pedigree. Liberty Acres offered both! The Liberty Acres family spends all of their time from whelping to being adopted to their furever families in ensuring their puppies are ready for life in most situations. When we went to meet Faye, her parents, Tika and Levi, welcomed us and even let us hold and pet their puppies. Tika was feeding the pups but didn't mind if they came to us. Levi has such good energy and just wanted to play and be close to us, complete strangers. We loved Liberty Acres adult dogs and Faye so much, that we decided to get another from that litter. Our Callie and Faye have been gentle with our kids (newborn to 10 yrs old), easy to train, and our best friends! They love people and always look forward to someone playing tug or throwing a ball.


They are so alert and will watch a fly and chase it just for fun. They are always eager to learn and love playing with our parents 5 labs. If you want a great quality GSD to be a part of your family, I would recommend contacting Liberty Acres.

The Daniels Family, AR

When we began looking for a German Shepherd baby we struggled to find a breeder that we felt would love and care for her in her first eight weeks the way we would when she came home.  We searched high and low for over a year before finding Liberty Acres.  Ann and John Langle were a blessing from the start!  We feel that God directed us to them for our new fur family member. Throughout Evee’s first eight weeks with them, we were allowed to visit all of the babies so that we could get to know them all and be able to pick the one that's personality fit our family the best. 

We received photos, videos, weigh-in info, firsts, vet visit info, and all other progress.  We could not have found a more loving couple to get our baby from.  She was healthy and happy each time we visited her.  Evee is now almost six months old and is our perfect match.  She has filled a gap in our family that we didn’t know was there.  Evee is a beautiful super smart girl who loves learning! 

She is confident, loyal, loving, sensitive, and sometimes even a little sassy.  We couldn’t love her anymore!  If you are looking for a quality German Shepherd to fit into your family you will not go wrong with Liberty Acres!!! 

Ann and John are amazing!!! ❤️🐶

The Tichenor Family, AR

Liberty Acres is Incredible. The pups are given so much love and attention. Our German Shepherd came home socialized and ready to join his new family. I can not say enough about how pleased we are with the entire process from multiple puppy visits to making our puppy selection to bring home Day.

Liberty Acres went above and beyond our wildest expectations. Both Ann and John Langle put so much time, effort, and energy into each and every puppy born in their care. They truly want what's best for them and you and go above and beyond to ensure a perfect match. They encourage us to keep in touch and to reach out for them should any questions or concerns arise. We consider ourselves truly blessed to have found them and of course our handsome boy, Reaper.

Estelle, FL

I've known Ann since our college days and she has always been a hard-working young lady positively impacting others around her. We have lost contact over the years until I was looking for a high-quality breeder and had found her as top among others. I did my research and prayed about it then, decided to follow her page a little more and contacted her regarding my desire to obtain a service dog. And things have worked out very well!

She has gifted us with our handsome perfect fur baby, Atlas. He is super healthy, energetic, and intelligent and was house trained when we got him as a little guy. He's the smartest German Shepherd that I have ever met but yet, silly and clumsy like me. He fits perfectly in our family. Thank you very much, Ann, for our perfect fur baby Atlas. We are glad to have him. 

Taylor, AR

I heard about Ann and her quality GSD pups from a friend from high school who had a pup from one of Tika's previous litters (Nova). She posted a lot about Nova, showing her beauty and smarts! My husband and I were in the process of looking for a companion for our 2 year old GSD, so I knew I needed to reach out and see what it was all about! Tika was just about to have a litter when I reached out, but it wasn't the exact right time for us, so we waited for her next litter and scooped up our little Navy girl! She has been SUCH a great addition to our family! Great temperament, protective, smart as can be, and so beautiful! Ann has been there for us all along the way with tips and answers to any questions we may have! I felt comfortable throughout the whole process of getting Navy and so glad that Ann is so involved with past and present pups/pup parents. If we had room for one more, I would definitely get another pup from Ann!

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