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Our Crew


John & Ann


The committed owners of Liberty Acres, John and Ann Langle, attend to your pet's needs in every way! From dog boarding to pet transport to flight nanny services, we thrive for excellence in all we do!


In his spare time, John is into Star Trek model making, vehicle research, and gaming. He is the muscle behind Liberty Acres projects on the farm and is the main driver for puppy transport trips. He enjoys being a daddy to two boys and a girl, relaxing when the time allows and is a quiet, deep thinker.


Ann is a full time wife, mommy to two boys and a girl, and animal enthusiast extraordinaire. She founded Liberty Acres in 2001(formerly known as Liberty Farm). She attended vet tech school in 2015-2017 to further her understanding and better care for animal's needs both physical and medical as needed. She enjoys landscaping, gardening, and traveling with the family. She is down for any adventure!


"A righteous person cares for the needs of their animals. Proverbs 12:10"

Flight Nanny/Driver


Elizabeth has been with Liberty Acres since 2019 and she has traveled to just about every corner of the nation as our rockstar flight nanny delivering puppies. Her gentle, confidence makes her a wonderful addition to our crew.

She also owns her own business and hard work is no stranger to her.  Elizabeth enjoys adventure, gardening, and being able to make people smile via puppy deliveries and we dont know what we would do without her!

She also has a YouTube channel "Adventures of a Flight Nanny"


Flight Nanny/Driver

Meet Penny, our flight nanny extraordinaire! She attended Harding University, but her most celebrated accomplishment is being a wife and mother of 3 and one grand-daughter! She homeschooled her children while helping her husband grow his successful dog training and boarding business of 30 years.

In addition to loving animals (a must for working with Liberty Acres), Penny has owned many dogs, cats, a monkey, monitor lizards, pythons, iguanas and everything in between!

In her down time, she enjoys glamping with a ladies group and sunning on the beach anytime the opportunity arises!

Flight Nanny


Maddie joined the Liberty Acres crew in 2021 as has been a rockstar in her work as a kennel tech and flight nanny. She is a natural with dogs and people alike and we are honored to have her on the team. Her photography skills add an extra special touch as a bonus for dog parents as they get to see their dogs in action and being loved on here at Liberty Acres.


In addition to working around dogs all day, Maddie also has several dogs, cats, and handicapped pet opposum. She is currently flipping an older home to be her own and enjoys down time with her boyfriend, family and best friend.

Flight Nanny/Driver


Meet Meg! This dear lady has been with Liberty Acres since 2020 and loves flying or driving pups to their new homes all over the nation. Her love of travel makes her a perfect fit for our team!


She has been married to the love of her life, Andrew, since 2009. When Meg isn't delivering puppies, she stays busy working in the medical field.  She enjoys traveling (she's visited all 50 states!), growing her plant collection, tweaking recipes, and spending time with her family.

Flight Nanny


Tasheena is a one of our part-time flight nanny’s who can’t resist the opportunity to do two of her favorite things, travel and love on puppies!


When she isn’t working for us she stays busy as a wife, a mom to 3 kids and 4 fur babies, and works as an OB sonographer, capturing ultrasound images of the sweetest little babies. Tasheena loves being part of the journey as a family grows, some by 2 feet and some by 4 feet! 

Flight Nanny/Driver

FB_IMG_1627183618770 (1).jpg

Meet Whitney and her pup, Apollo! She started at Liberty Acres as an amazing kennel tech and did daily care for the dogs in our boarding facility. She now does flight nanny deliveries all over the nation for us.


She plans on going to school to be a radiology tech and her dream is to eventually move within an hour of either a beach or a ski resort. Her most obvious love is anything that has to do with animals and she loves to read and occasionally write. She is always down for traveling and baby photography is a specialty of hers.

Kennel Tech


Jasmine has been a Liberty Acres' crew member since 2017. She wears many hats at Liberty Acres, from kennel tech to farm care to being a nanny to our two sons, she pretty much does it all. She excels in her work; dogs and kids all love her!


One day Jasmine hopes to work in a medical career field specializing in children or infant care. In addition to being a huge movie buff, her current hobbies include spending time with family, reading about different medical professions, and relaxing. She hopes to one day be a valued wife, mom, someone to look up to, a friend, and a person who saves lives. As if that's not enough, she enjoys listening to music and planning for the future.

Flight Nanny?Driver

156518 (1).jpeg

Our smiling, peppy flight nanny , Lakyn joined Liberty Acres in 2021. Her attention to the needs of the pups is phenomenal! She loves animals and it is her dream to one day open her own animal boarding/daycare facility. 

Lakyn graduated from Arkansas Tech University in May 2020 with her bachelors in Business Data Analytics with a minor in Criminal Justice. Her hobbies include watching true crime documentaries and snuggling her pup.

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