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In an attempt to help protect consumers from unreliable online breeders
Liberty Acres Kennels respectfully suggests:

Before purchasing a new puppy online please take these few simple steps to help ensure your puppy was bred and raised by a professional, caring, competent breeder.

1) Ask Questions: Get to know your breeder and allow them to get to know you.

2) Ask for References: You may want to communicate with their veterinarian on record or previous puppy buyers.

3) Ask to See the Kennel: If a personal visit is not possible, ask to see pictures of the kennel facility.

4) Request a Photo: To ensure ownership ask the breeder to take a photo of the desired puppy with the current date or a specific item or word.

5) Cheap Online Puppies: Overpopulated, substandard kennels often offer cheap puppies "on-sale" or at a "discounted rate."

6) Be Confident: If you have any doubts regarding a breeder, don't buy.

7) Health Check: Know your chosen breed health risk facts and see if the breeder has clearances and certificates on the parent dogs. Also, ask about puppy health guarantees.

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