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For pets that board in our facility, we offer a few grooming options. As we are not a professional grooming salon, at this time, we do not offer services to the general public. It is important to note that these services are only available to our boarding clients and do come at an additional cost.

Ann spent time working in a grooming salon and has over 20 years of experience bathing and caring for her own pets hygiene needs.

The bath includes shampooing with conditioner in our state of the art bathing station complete with easy ramp and door entry. We offer a variety of shampoo options for sensitive skin, odor control, and puppies. Following the bath, we blow dry your dog with our handheld dog air dryer which has multiple blowing strength and warmth settings. In addition to the bath, and for no additional cost to you, we clean ears and trim toenails. For small dogs, we check the anal gland and empty if needed, also at no additional charge!



Just nail trim ... $5

Bath package for dogs under 40 lbs ... $30

Bath package for dogs over 40 lbs ... $40

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