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Welcome to Liberty Acres Pet Resources! We are a family-owned, Jesus honoring, integrity-driven, service-oriented, animal-focused business located in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley area of central Arkansas. Liberty Acres is a place where all animals matter. Whether boarding dogs, animal care, raising quality health tested puppies or transporting pets nationwide, the Langles pride themselves in caring for God's creatures the way He intended it to be. 



Our humble dog raising adventure launched in August of 2001 with Ann's first dog, a black labrador retriever named Lady Liberty Joy McTeague. In the beginning, her goal was and still today is to provide sound, intelligent, healthy, health-tested, happy, quality puppies to adoptive families. The heart of our puppy business is the strong relationships we build with our customers every day and the solid reputation we have earned throughout the years by only breeding to improve the breeds we raise.

Liberty Acres Kennels is a family-owned business committed to the preservation of the deep-rooted characteristics of each breed. Outstanding puppies come from selective, ethical breeding programs combined with caring, dedicated professionalism and a clean, healthy, dog-friendly environment in which to live.

Liberty Acres pups are raised in our home from day one and get attention daily by our entire family. Pups will experience everyday noises such as kitchen noise, vacuuming, cleaning, farm equipment, outdoors, etc... We play a daily sound CD designed to desensitize and cure of future fears. Also from day one, we do early neurological stimulation (see video below). We believe it makes them a more well-rounded K9 for everyday life. Weaning and crate training begins at 6 weeks. For more in-depth reading on ENS, visit:

Every LAK puppy receives age-appropriate preventive vaccinations, antivaccinosis spray follow-up, and internal and external parasite control along with a complete vet exam before joining their new home. Additionally, each puppy will come with transfer registration papers, litter pedigree, a written health guarantee, lifetime breeder support, microchip, a small bag of current puppy food, and a small toy.



When you travel, ensuring your fur family members enjoy themselves as much as you is always a great concern. At Liberty Acres, we endeavor to allow your pets the most comfort possible. Whether in our home or yours, we work to minimize your pet's stress and anxiety while in our professional care.

After working in vet clinics and helping with the kennel boarding rooms, Ann decided an in-home type feel was needed in the pet community. She started out by doing home & farm care visits and this grew from part-time into a full-time job. The demand for additional services was recognized and in 2014 she launched her in-home boarding facility. As the years passed more improvements, updates, and services have been added to accommodate the growing need for animal-related services.

John and Ann both love your pets as their own and strive to make each visit as comfortable and fun as possible for your fur kid(s) while you travel at ease knowing all is well.

If you are interested in using any of these services, fill out the application below.



You have purchased your new fur family member from out of state breeder and anxiously await the time when he or she is ready to join you in your home. As the anticipation grows, we understand that sometimes your work or life doesn't allow you to drop everything and travel to get your new bundle of joy. This is where Liberty Acres Pet Transport steps in! Transporting your new furbaby is an honor and pleasure we don't take lightly. We offer several options to make the exciting reunion possible! Click below to learn more!



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From an early age, Ann always had a love for animals. In addition to raising puppies and rehabbing wildlife for the last couple of decades, she launched her home care, pet sitting, and boarding facility in Greenbrier, Arkansas in 2008. This venture continued on as a part time side job until 2014 when Liberty Acres became her sole pursuit. Expansion continued as Ann studied to become veterinarian technician. In 2017, Ann married John Langle and together, with their growing family, they moved to Oppelo, Arkansas where they continue to serve their local community and beyond in most things animal-related.

"The righteous person cares for the needs of animals." Proverbs 12:10


15 McDonald Ln. 

Oppelo, AR 72110

Tel: (501) 336-4274



Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 10am - 5pm

​Sunday: 2pm - 5pm

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